Our Approach

Elleric focus on the sourcing and acquisition of properties with potential for development and investment in desirable locations in Prime Central London.

Specialising in both residential and mixed-use schemes, we often create value through change of use, planning gain and increase of density. Frequently we structure imaginitive solutions to maximise the potential of complex sites.

Elleric’s expertise and strong industry relationships enable a comprehensive analysis and the most effective development strategy for each scheme.

Individual solutions are sought for each project to create unique and beautiful places to live and work that reflect the character of their setting.

Bold, contemporary design and our own in-house construction team ensure the integrity and quality of each development.


Elleric create versatile and elegant developments that take their inspiration from the existing architecture and location.

The original facade is preserved where possible and the interior transformed in a manner that is both imaginative and sympathetic to the aesthetic of the building.

Our intent is to enhance the existing layout and maximise the available space and light, optimising the functional use of the property.

Clean lines, wood floors, luxury stone and complementing surfaces, characterise our contemporary design. High specification, quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail combine to ensure a luxury finish.

We employ the latest energy efficient technology with an emphasis on creative and functional lighting.


We specialise in imaginative solutions that enhance the function and character of a building while maximising returns on investment.

Typically, we identify commercial or public sector properties, in prime locations, which have yet to achieve their full potential.

Adept at determining prospective planning gain and change of use, we often increase density by reconfiguring the existing site or amalgamating neighbouring buildings to maximise value.

Each project is distinctive and requires a unique approach. We thoroughly assess each development opportunity to identify the optimum plan for a secure, long term investment.

We undertake a detailed analysis of the project, including all costs and fees, to project achievable returns and ensure a low risk and transparent process for investors.


A fundamental element of Elleric, our in-house construction team ensures that all work is completed to the highest standard.

Construction management allows us control over every stage of the building process with the ability to work solutions for the changing circumstances of the project as they arise.

Our team of skilled craftsmen works in conjunction with architects and professionals ensuring each phase of the construction project is completed to the highest standard. The design and build is effectively co-ordinated and projects completed within time frames.

At Elleric, we prioritise the effective recycling of materials to reduce the environmental impact of our projects and to improve energy efficiency.


Our wealth of experience gives us the ability to find effective solutions at all stages of purchase and development.

We are specialists at maximising development value and have expert knowledge of the legal and planning system.

Elleric’s expertise in commercial and residential property sourcing and acquisition, and strong industry relationships, contribute to the success of many projects.